Shoulder Workout


I love training shoulders its one of my favourite workouts to do. I thought I could share with you one of my shoulder routines that seems to be working well for me. 


  • 3xSets/Reps:15/12/10 Front Raise
  • 3xSets/Reps:15/12/10 Lateral Raise
  • 3xSets/Reps:15/12/10 Overhead Press
  • 3xSets/Reps:15/12/10 Upright Row
  • 3xSets/Reps:15/12/10 Arnold Press
  • 3xSets/Reps:15/12/10 Crawlouts

These exercises will give you a great shoulder workout, Remember to use weights that you are comfortable with.
Mel xx


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