Time Out For Fitness


I love fitness. It is something that I do for myself. It is my outlet and it sure does make me feel amazing.
I currently train 5 days a week starting at 4.45 am until just after 6 am as I need to return home so Josh can head to work for the day. I stay at home being a mother to our 2 girls and I also run all of our company’s books and answer incoming phones calls.I got into fitness just last year in 2017. I started out in a Fit Mum Group which gave me confidence to then move onto the gym and start training with a P.T which happens to be one of my good friends!I learnt a lot in this time and I now train myself.
My typical week is below:
Monday: Leg day
Tuesday: Chest/triceps
Wednesday: Back/core
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Shoulders/biceps
I stick to my gym routine unless my family need me or I am ill. My family are my number one priority and always come first. Ideally what I want to achieve from working out is to be the best I can be in my health and fitness journey as this helps with everyday life.
One of the main reasons why I started working out was because I spent a lot of time focusing on the negative things I had been handed in life rather than thinking about how I could help fix or manage them! We all need that one thing that makes us feel better and I have found mine. The process is exciting to watch, I mean I couldn’t even run around outside with my kids without my heart racing crazy high due to my condition but also from being unfit. Now I can run around the block with my almost 9 year old with ease! My kids are benefiting from my goals just as much as I am. 
Just remember it doesn’t matter how you do it, when you do it, what time you do it, you making that time to think about your health and fitness and keeping in mind that you are also important, is the real achievement.
Mel xx

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