Workout at home



In the ideal world we could all make it to the gym every time we felt like working out. This of course is not always the case as in reality we are often working, at home raising children or simply don’t have access or the ability to get to the gym. Any form of activity counts, here is a simple home work out anyone can do in there lounge.

 Leg Exercise:

  • 3x Sets/12 Reps Jump Squats
  • 3xSets/12 Reps Chair Squats
  • 3xSets/12 Reps Jumping jacks/ Star jumps 
  • 3xSets/12 Reps Lunge front kicks 
  • 3xSets/12 Reps Bodyweight walking lunges 
  • 3xSets/12 Reps kick backs       

When I do this workout I do one round of each set then have a short rest for a few minutes and get back into my 2nd round and so on. Its amazing what you can achieve in your own lounge with music going and a small home workout.

Monique RobinsFAV