My Mindfulness Journey


Being mindful is something that is really important to me, staying present in the moment. A lot of the time I would just be in autopilot mode and my attention would be lost in my wandering mind. I felt like I missed out on a lot of the beautiful things going on around me.
When starting my journey to better health and living I decided to be more mindful, more aware of what my body was telling me. I didn't want to be stuck in a negative way of thinking.
We tend to get lost DOING, so we find ourselves constantly stressing and struggling to get everything done rather than fully experiencing and enjoying the beauty around us.
Its such a refreshing feeling for me now waking up and taking hold of the steering wheel of my attention daily.  Being in the present moment makes me feel like I haven't wasted a day. Mindfulness has literally transformed my entire life.
Watching my daughter learn mindfulness was something I found truly amazing and being given tools at the age of 8 to help her along with life is something I will be forever grateful for.
Be kind to yourself, we are all beautiful, we all deserve to be happy. In saying that, there is meaning to be found in all our emotions. Its okay to not always be okay. Opening your mind and being present will make a world of difference.
Love Mel xx

Monique Robins