My Current Protein Powder


I am currently taking a Vegan protein made by a company called 1focus Nutrition.
This is the first time for me trying a vegan protein. I am really enjoying it and it has so
many plus sides. In my household we are mostly dairy free due to my older daughter
being allergic to cow’s milk protein and my partner is lactose intolerant. I try my best
to always support them both. It has also been nice for Joshua to be able to share my
protein. Here is a little run down of the product and the benefits.
The plant-based protein is Vegan and Vegetarian friendly, with added amino acids to
fuel the process of muscle growth.
With all organic ingredients, they have included a brown rice protein isolate and
golden pea protein blend. This natural and clean protein is also free from sugars,
artificial sweeteners, GMO's and fillers.
Organic Vegan Protein will help you with a healthy daily protein intake while
promoting weight loss, lean muscle growth and recovery.

Each 1kg tub provides 25 grams of lean protein per serving.
Ingredients (Chocolate flavour): Brown rice protein isolate, golden pea protein,
ethically sourced cocoa, stevia leaf extract. *Certified organic ingredients.
Ingredients (Vanilla flavour): Brown rice protein isolate, golden pea protein, natural
vanilla flavour, stevia leaf extract. *Certified organic ingredients

Monique Robins