Probiotic Benefits


Probiotics; this is something that I swear by. Anyone who knows me knows that I am
always going on about how important it is to be taking a probiotic.
We have been taking probiotics as a family for 3 years and the benefits of this have
been huge. My kids health and over all behaviour has changed. We have not had one tummy
bug in 3 years and this alone blows my mind.
Gut health impacts a lot of health and wellbeing issues like stress, emotions, weight
control, skin, digestive function and bloating.
Probiotics are especially important for women who are taking antibiotics who maybe more susceptible to thrush.
I have personally found that they help reduce the severity of my kids eczema and allergies.
They also assist with the absorption of vitamins like B12, minerals, iron, magnesium
and glucose, the list is huge and I could go on forever but it is handy to know that
75 percent of our immune system is in our gut. We should want to look after that
as much as we can.
I've learnt when buying a probiotic it is good to check out how much live bacteria is in them. 
My girl’s probiotic contains 13.5 billion live bacteria and 6 separate strains of
bacteria. Our adult probiotic contains 25 billion and 4 strains of bacteria. You can
get others which contain more, but this has worked amazing for us.
I can’t stress enough how important they really are. I believe in the future probiotics
will become part of everyone’s daily routine just like taking a vitamin C.

Melissa Laughton