Love Who You Are


If theres one thing I’ve learnt in life its being kind to every person no matter what size and shape they are and thinking before you speak is SO important. We are all unique individuals on our own mission in life and while some people make life look oh so easy, or like they’re not accomplishing much, we never really know their day to day struggles or workload. Unfortunately we are all living in a society where people are too quick to judge and there is enormous pressure to look good and to “keep up” with what seems to be the impossible.
Its hard being a woman in this day and age, but where true happiness comes in is when you learn to love you for you, and stop comparing yourself. Unique is beautiful and so is genuine happiness. Often we have to climb mountains and face endless battles within until we eventually realise this, so to have someone come along and judge you based upon knowing nothing about your journey can be disheartening. We need to lift each other up not tear each other down. Personally, I have always found it hard to maintain a healthy weight, its just my body type, part of who am. I work hard on holding onto weight. I would often receive comments like “you must not eat much” your so lucky to be so skinny but the one that blew me away the most was “your so lucky to have a heart condition” my heart is always going fast due to my condition so people would get the idea that I’m pretty much doing cardio 24/7 so this makes me lucky ?? How? It doesn’t! Trying not to let comments like this affect you can sometimes be a challenge on its own. 
Whats important to me is being genuinely happy with who I am as a woman and demonstrating this to my girls so they can chase their own dreams and not someone else’s, like I said, we are all unique individuals and we need to embrace this and celebrate each forward step on our own personal journeys.
Its ok to want more and to push our goals further as we progress, I find its a great confidence booster, setting yourself goals and accomplishing them, you are your biggest competition after all! I do this each and everyday but its also ok to appreciate who you already are and how beautiful we are inside and out.
We cant change what the world thinks about us but we can change how we think about ourselves and others. There are always going to be negative comments thrown our way but how we learn to deal with them is what counts. So, lets respect each others journeys!
Growing up the way I did has shown me a lot, I don’t judge people on how they look ( In fact, I don’t judge anyone at all) I see beauty in each and every person I meet. We all have a different stories and I know somewhere in everyones journey theres been ups and downs. I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past, not to say everyone thats accomplished something in life has had it rough either but its extremely common.
So guys, in a nutshell, be extra kind to yourselves and those around you too! Cause we are all in this together!
Love Mel xx