Lunchbox Love



When making my girls lunches daily I like to make sure they have more than enough. Lucy doesn’t go to daycare yet but we are out most mornings doing activities once we do school drop off so she gets a morning tea lunchbox.
 Jayda is allergic to the protein in cows milk so they don’t often have the same lunches plus they are different ages so of course different again size wise etc. I make sure Jayda takes both fruit and vegetables each day and some source of protein, this works well when she takes carrot sticks, capsicum, celery and hummus for the dip. I also like her to have sandwiches as I believe this helps fill her tummy at lunch time, if she doesn't take a sandwich she likes to have a chicken wrap with hummus, goats feta and lettuce.
I let Jayda pick two extra snacks a day for her lunchbox and 9 times out of 10 she picks crackers, seaweed or any home baking I have done during the week. Its hard to always find dairy free snacks that all kids love in their lunchboxes. I prefer to wrap Jaydas food in bee wax covers and she just brings them home to reuse again each day.

Monique Robins