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My name is Melissa, I was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand and I am 27 years old. I am a mother to two beautiful girls, partner to a hardworking man and a sister to 9 siblings. I was raised in and out of foster care and back and forward between my parents homes who were divorced when I was 2 years old. I became a mother myself at the age of 17 and would never change it for the world. I started my fitness and health journey to help with my heart condition (POTS) that I developed 7 years ago. Since starting my journey my energy levels have increased and my moods have improved along with how I look and feel. I have a better perspective and outlook on life in general. I have never looked back and am so pleased with my journey to date. My family are loving me for it. I have found myself amongst all the chaos life can bring and who I really am as a person and not just a mother. I know that in the long run it is benefiting not only my heart and body, but also my mind. I hope to inspire people to really make the most out of life regardless of what obstacles you may face.


My heart condition is called POTS… It really is like a roller coaster, really up and down. It is well known for triggering dizziness upon standing. Being the main reason the nickname “the fainting disease”. However, this symptom is merely the tip of the iceberg, when considering all the other symptoms I use to encounter every day.

Some of my symptoms where: Headaches, nausea, chronic pain (general, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, sweating abnormalities,  weakness  & chest pains.

There are various probable causes of POTS, but it is often unexplained. It comes in waves for me so I can go months with no symptoms then I can go months with a lot of symptoms, I just take each day as it comes and enjoy everyday I feel well.





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